It can be challenging for rural health prosessionals to access education and training that is relevant for practicing in a rural setting. That’s why we run a regular webinar series designed specifically for rural health professionsals.  The topics are chosen based on requests we receive so if there is a topic you would like, please let us know.

Working with Young People

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MARIA KEKUS RN, NP, MN Nurse Practitioner Child & Youth

Maria an expert child and youth health clinician and has contributed to best practice and clinical services through her leadership roles. Maria is currently the Clinical Director at Health Connections providing specialty primary health care to children and young people.

Her clinical and leadership roles have also included; Clinical Director of the Youth Health Hub, HealthWEST; Recipient of the Vodafone World of Difference scholarship for her work in the youth sector, Chair of the Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand (SYHPANZ), Board Member of Thrive and national advisory roles.

Her topics covered:

  • Why use HEEADSSS framework
  • What is HEEADSSS framework
  • How to use a HEEADSS framework

Previous Webinars on Request

Several webinars available to view on request.
Please email us for links to:

  • Shock: Different Types & Treatment (Linda Grady)
  • Acute Assessment of Paediatrics (Natalie Cowley)

Previous Webinars to View Now

Most webinars are recorded, these are shown below.

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Attending a Webinar

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Zoom Webinar Controls

We utilise a webinar platform called Zoom. When you watch the webinar the display and controls that you see will vary depending on the type of device you are on. We encourage you to ‘explore’ the various layout options. If at any stage you accidentally disconnect from the webinar you can reconnect using the link you received by email.

Chat Messages: During the webinar you can post comments and questions using the chat window. Please select Panelists and Attendees if you wish to send your chat message  to everyone.

Q&A: During the webinar you can post questions using the Q&A window. Whereas the chat messages can easily get lost in a long stream of chat, the Q&A questions be presented to the moderator or presenter to answer.