It can be challenging for rural health professionals to access education and training that is relevant for practicing in a rural setting. That’s why we run a regular webinar series designed specifically for rural health professionals.  The topics are chosen based on requests we receive so if there is a topic you would like, please let us know.

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Why diets don’t work  

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Kate is founder and director of Beyond Obesity.  Kate is passionate about reframing the way obesity is viewed in our current environment, in particular how it intersects with health and healthcare.  Her study around obesity has shown the impact shame has on our physical and mental health; the provision of self-care is not intuitive.

Her topic will include:


  • What is Weight-Cycling?
  • The Physiological response to Starvation
  • The Psychological Response to Yo-Yo Dieting

        Recorded Webinars to View

        Improving Medicine Access Equity in Primary Care 

        Recording coming soon…

        PHARMAC is dedicated to achieving medicine access equity in Aotearoa so everyone has a fair opportunity to reach their full health potential. Sandy Bhawan will talk us through the research and approaches developed by PHARMAC to reach this goal. Dr Emily Gill will then talk about how this can be achieved, using the example of her work in the Te Whānau ā Apanui Community Health Centre, a remote rural practice in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

        Sandy Bhawan will cover:

        • PHARMAC’s focus on medicine access equity
        • Priority populations and conditions
        • How you can make a difference

         Dr Gill will cover: 

        • Improving medicine access equity in remote rural areas
        • Case study: Te Whānau ā Apanui Community Health Centre

            Radiological Imaging and Trauma Radaiography

            Watch now: https://youtu.be/P18NPtGvuWg

            James grew up in Dublin, Ireland and completed an undergraduate degree in medical imaging.  From there he traveled the world a bit before settling in New Zealand. He worked in medical imaging for a decade and completed a number of medical imaging post-graduate papers before moving into full-time medical imaging education at Ara Institute of Canterbury in Christchurch. He completed his tertiary teaching and learning qualifications at Ara and MSc at the University of Canterbury in 2015  

            His topic will include:

            • Basic physics of different imaging modalities, especially plain radiography, US and CT
            • Advantages and limitations of each modality
            • Guidelines for requesting radiology examinations
            • Imaging techniques used in trauma
            • Basic principle of picture archiving communication systems (PACS)
            • Current and future trends in radiology

                Cannabis Legalisation & Control Referendum

                Watch now: mobilehealth.co.nz/cannabis

                In October New Zealanders will vote on whether the proposed Cannabis Legalisation & Control Bill should allow recreational use of cannabis to become legal in New Zealand. If more than 50% of voters choose YES, this will mean that after the election the incoming Government can introduce a Bill to Parliament that would legalise and control cannabis. This process would include the opportunity for the public to share their thoughts and ideas on how the law might work.

                This webinar aims to educate New Zealand health professionals about what the Cannabis Legalisation & Control Bill is, what it could mean for medical practice, our patients and our communities, and what we may wish to consider when voting.

                We endeavour to provide a balance of opinions from a range of perspectives to help inform our votes on election day. Please join us.

                Panellists include:

                • Abe Gray – Curator – Whakamana Cannabis Museum
                • Dr Graham Gulbransen – Cannabis Consultant, General Practitioner and Addiction Specialist
                • Prof. Douglas Sellman – Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine, University of Otago
                • Dr Buzz Burrell – Rural General Practitioner
                • Adam Holloway – Partner, Wotton & Kearney Lawyers, MPS Lawyer
                • Assoc. Prof Khylee Quince – Director of Maori and Pacific Advancement, AUT

                    Supporting People to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

                    Recording coming soon…

                    This webinar has been designed for Health Coaches in primary care practices and community settings who are working with people who have identified they want to lose weight. The Health Coaches are part of the Integrated Primary Mental Health and Addiction initiatives. Nurses, GPs, pharmacists and others may also find these topics useful.

                    Professor Hayden McRobbie MB ChB (Otago), PhD (London), FASLM

                    Hayden is a Consultant in Lifestyle Medicine at Lakes District Health Board, with a specialist interest in addiction, obesity and child wellbeing. He graduated with his medical degree from the University of Otago in 1996, a doctorate from the University of London in 2008, and has worked in the field of behavioural medicine for over 20 years. He is also a Fellow of the Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine.

                    Professor McRobbie will cover:
                    • Food
                    • Activity
                    • Behaviours including sleep
                    • Current popular approaches to weight loss e.g. intermittent fasting,
                    very low-calorie diet, keto and more
                    • Evidence in relation to brief interventions around weight loss
                    • Practical strategies health coaches can use

                        Supporting mental wellbeing by identifying and working with chronic stress

                        Watch now: https://youtu.be/Ml7DcP165P0

                        Anna is a dually trained mental health nurse practitioner and cognitive behavioural therapist with almost two decades clinical experience within a variety of different treatment settings across the lifespan. Anna works as a Clinical Lead for a new online CBT tool, Just a Thought and works in clinical practice as a Nurse Practitioner, providing psychiatric assessment and pharmacological, psychological and nutritional/integrative treatment within a primary care setting.  

                        This presentation will explore:

                        • Common causes and perpetuating factors of chronic stress in humans
                        • Impacts of chronic stress on mental and physical wellbeing and interconnected sequalae
                        • The HPA axis role in chronic stress and identify the impacts of HPA axis dysregulation
                        • Effects of environmental, nutritional, cognitive and behavioural adaptive responses on chronic stress
                        • Effective approaches to unwinding chronic stress and supporting HPA axis function to enhance and protect wellbeing

                            Preventing falls in the Elderly

                            Watch now: https://youtu.be/8vdEgsgjI2w

                            Janet Parker has practiced in the community firstly as a District Nurse and then as a Gerontology Nurse Specialist. She registered as a Nurse Practitioner Older Adults in 2010. She is the clinical lead for Waitemata DHB’s community gerontology nursing service. Under her leadership the team provides assessment, advice and management for older adults with complex health issues in the community and in residential aged care. Through the Residential Aged Care Integration programme (a collaboration between aged residential care and Waitemata DHB) they provide clinical advice, support and education for staff in residential aged care. 

                            Her topic will include:

                            • How to identify those at risk for falls
                            • How to recognise the components of falls
                            • Falls assessment for the individual and the population (reducing and preventing falls)
                            • Falls intervention: what works



                                  A Better Future for Rural Health

                                  Watch now:  https://youtu.be/tNh3KbxJqzw

                                  To help members and rural stakeholders inform their vote, this webinar featured politicians from the four bigger parties to discuss their party’s plan and vision for rural health over the next 3-10 years.

                                  The focus of the webinar was to give each Party the opportunity to respond to the Network’s Rural Health Election Manifesto and its three focus areas: workforce development, sustainable funding, and digital/connectivity.

                                  Panellists include:

                                  • Labour Party: Hon Chris Hipkins, MP for Remutaka, Minister of Health, Education, State Services, and Minister Responsible for Ministerial Services
                                  • National Party: Dr Shane Reti, MP for Whangarei, Spokesperson for Health and Deputy Chair of the Health Select Committee
                                  • Green Party: Hon Julie Anne Genter, List MP, Spokesperson for Health. Currently Associate Minister Health, Associate Minister Transport, Minister Women
                                  • NZ First Party: Jenny Marcroft, List MP – Spokesperson for Health


                                    Early Pregnancy Problems

                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/7S2AGS4N0YA

                                    Kate is an Obstetrics and Gynecology consultant and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago in Women’s Health. She works as a generalist obstetrician and gynaecologist at Southland Hospital, Invercargill, and at the University in Dunedin. Her special interests include lower genital tract disease, cervical cancer prevention and colposcopy; obstetric risk management, and teaching including interprofessional education.  

                                    Her presentation will include miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy

                                    • How they present
                                    • Diagnosis and management
                                    • Problems and pitfalls

                                      Acute Stroke Management

                                      Watch now: https://youtu.be/VIDmn5BDzK0

                                      Dr Julia Slark is the Head of School of Nursing at University of Auckland. She qualified as a Registered Nurse in London, UK in 1993. She has 15 years’ experience as a clinical nurse specialist in Stroke patient care, and was part of the team at Imperial College NHS Trust which implemented the London-wide, new stroke strategy to provide urgent hyper-acute stroke interventions to London regional populations in 2009. Since arriving in New Zealand in 2013, Julia has led two stroke development projects in Auckland and Waikato to implement hyper-acute stroke services and she coordinates New Zealand’s only stroke specialty nursing course.   

                                      Her topic will include:

                                      • Aetiology and presentation of sudden onset stroke
                                      • Goals of Acute Care
                                      • Nursing Priorities
                                      • Immediate Complications

                                        Overview of Diabetes

                                        Watch now: https://youtu.be/U2oooCKzpr4

                                        15 years experience working in Diabetes with young adults and adults across primary and secondary care and managing the acutely unwell patient with diabetes.

                                        Her topic will include:

                                        • Overview of Types of diabetes
                                        • Pathophys and diagnosis
                                        • Managing diabetes cardiovascular risk
                                        • Treatment Targets
                                        • Treatment options



                                              Common Eye Complaints

                                              Watch now: https://youtu.be/7eyA5KX7LOE

                                              David has worked 17 years in ophthalmology, including theatre and clinics. He works in a variety of settings in ophthalmology: medical retina, cornea, uveitis and glaucoma. He is working towards establishing a diabetic retinopathy clinic in collaboration with the diabetes service to better meet the needs of these patients.

                                              Now based at Greenlane and Waitakere Hospital Eye clinics, with interest in retinal and inflammatory eye disease.

                                              His topic will include:

                                                • Acute eye conditions
                                                • Chronic complaints
                                                • Detection and Management


                                                Advance directives in mental health care in New Zealand

                                                Watch now: https://youtu.be/FMPW5kKWkbQ

                                                Tony is a mental health nurse with over 40 years experience in clinical practice, education, research and professional issues. Tony has expertise in mental health assessment, working with people who self harm or are suicidal, and in legal issues related to mental health care. Tony also has an interest in improving the physical and primary care provided to people with mental illness.

                                                His topic will include:

                                                Advance directives are a tool aimed at increasing autonomy in people using mental specialist mental health services. This webinar will outline a research programme which has developed an advance directive instrument and is engaged in further research. The next stage is a Maori-centred study examining Maori perspectives of advance directives. The research team is also considering how advance directives can be incorporated into New Zealand’s mental health legislation.


                                                  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                                                  Watch now: https://youtu.be/wCfuUYuURrk

                                                  Nicola, born and raised in New Zealand, moved to South Africa in her teens and did her general nursing training there, including midwifery.  Back home and in the Waikato in the 1990s, she gained experience in burns, plastics and speciality surgery before moving to Auckland. At Middlemore Hospital she developed her interest in respiratory nursing.  Now with a Master’s degree and as a nurse practitioner, Nicola works across primary, community and secondary health as part of the respiratory team in Counties Manukau.

                                                  HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                  • Causes,
                                                  • Differential Diagnosis
                                                  • Acute Presentation
                                                  • Management
                                                  • Clinician’s Perspective

                                                    End of Life Choice

                                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/MTWhhL30hKM 

                                                    In September New Zealanders will vote on whether the End of Life Choice (EOLC) Act should come into force in a binding referendum. If more than 50% of voters choose YES, this will mean some significant changes occur in the New Zealand health system to allow some New Zealanders with terminal illness an option of assisted dying.  

                                                    Panellists includes:

                                                      • Adam Holloway: Partner, Wotton + Kearney, MPS Lawyer
                                                      • Dr Jack Havill: Retired Intensive Care Medicine Specialist, ex Director of Waikato ICU, ex President of EOLC Society
                                                      • Dr Sinead Donnelly: Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine Physician, Associate Professor of Palliative Medicine
                                                      • Hector Matthews: Executive Director, Maori & Pacific Health, Canterbury DHB
                                                      • Dr Ate Moala: Public Health Medicine Specialist
                                                      • Caralise Trayes: Journalist and author of The Final Choice – End of Life Suffering – Is Assisted Dying the Answer? (Pre-recorded)

                                                    Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

                                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/KMNW1R9UUOw 

                                                    Maureen is a sexual health Clinical Nurse Specialist.  She has a military background (UK armed forces) and has served in Afghanistan.  She has received recognition of her work in all things sexual health.

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    This presentation will give a brief overview of taking a sexual history to help a clinician decide what samples are required from where!

                                                    Prevalence and an overview of signs, symptoms and treatments the common STIs:

                                                      • Chlamydia
                                                      • Gonorrhoea
                                                      • Trichomoniasis
                                                      • Mycoplasma genitalium
                                                      • Syphilis

                                                    Chronic Kidney Disease

                                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/CdzeWvo4LTg

                                                    Carmel completed her nursing training in South Canterbury and went on to complete her renal training in the UK where she worked for six years before returning to New Zealand. She has worked in a variety of clinical areas across the renal services including Clinical Nurse Educator and Consultant for the Strategic Renal Services Review and Pre-Dialysis Educator with Auckland DHB. She was National Education Manger for Kidney Health NZ where she worked for 17 years developing education resources for the management of chronic kidney disease. Carmel currently works for the Cancer Society of NZ.

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                      • Nine major risk factors
                                                      • Detection and staging of CKD
                                                      • Testing and management as part of long-term condition

                                                    Trauma Assessment and Care of the Trauma Patient

                                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/FwuV4YSDBZA

                                                    Toni is a highly skilled career professional with over 25 years’ experience in nursing within hospital environments, and over 30 years’ experience as a pre-hospital emergency care provider in primary care environments (Order of St John).  She is the ACNM responsible for the aero medical evacuation/flight service offered by the Dunedin Hospital ICU.  Toni is also Chair of the College of Air and Surface Transport Nurses.

                                                    HER TOPIC INCLUDED:

                                                      • Critical action checklist – what needs to be done to immediately save life
                                                      • Danger/Safety
                                                      • ABC
                                                      • Disability (neurological – brain and spinal cord)
                                                      • Exposure/environment
                                                      • Packaging a patient for transfer

                                                    Nutrition and Women’s Health

                                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/lVGAZ6eyrcA

                                                    Leigh O’Brien is a consultant dietitian for two companies in Christchurch, Canterbury dietitians and Dietary Specialist.  She has almost 20 years experience as a New Zealand registered dietitian working both as a clinical and community dietitian before starting private practice.  Leigh works with clients helping them to achieve their nutrition related goals, she specialises in providing nutrition support for those with IBS and food intolerances.  Leigh also provides clinical nutritional services to residential care facilities.  Leigh enjoys research and is currently undertaking a PhD with the University of Otago, her research combines her two great loves, nutrition for older adults and gut health.

                                                    HER TOPIC INCLUDED:

                                                      • Which nutrients do NZ women need more of
                                                      • How to manage weight as we age
                                                      • Women and heart disease
                                                      • Polycystic ovarian syndrome how can diet help
                                                      • Endometriosis and the low FODMAP diet

                                                    Chronic Pain Management

                                                    Watch now: https://youtu.be/_2YPoyxZloY

                                                    Bronwyn has worked in the field of pain management for 19 years. Her roles have ranged from occupational therapy, pain psychology, vocational management, and policy development. She has also held positions in safe handling.

                                                    HER TOPIC INCLUDED:

                                                      • raising the topic
                                                      • finding out the person’s main concern (what matters most)
                                                      • why sleep management is important
                                                      • developing a pain plan
                                                      • medication adherence
                                                      • coping strategies

                                                    Contemporary Management of Aortic Stenosis

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/xdnvkPfi8LU

                                                    James is a General and Interventional Cardiologist at Christchurch Hospital, and also works privately at Christchurch Heart Group and St George’s Hospital.

                                                    James graduated from University of Otago in 1996. He trained in Cardiology at Green Lane and Christchurch Hospitals before completing a two-year coronary, structural heart, and peripheral vascular interventional fellowship at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, USA.

                                                    James has special interest and expertise in coronary and structural heart interventions including trans-catheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

                                                     HIS TOPIC INCLUDED:

                                                      • Increasing incidence of aortic stenosis
                                                      • Prognostic importance of aortic stenosis
                                                      • How to diagnose aortic stenosis
                                                      • Options for referral
                                                      • Management of AS including Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) and surgery
                                                      • Management of patients after treatment

                                                    COVID-19 – Providing healthcare safely in the community at Level 2

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/sDSwF9AGF5I

                                                    Ruth Barratt is a registered nurse, quality advisor and researcher. She holds a Masters in Infection Prevention and Control and is credentialed at expert level through the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control. Ruth has over 22 years of experience in this field across the private and public sectors in New Zealand and Australia. She has authored several IPC journal publications and represented infection prevention and control professionals on a number of Australasian committees and working parties. Ruth’s current role is the development and implementation of infection prevention and control protocols and procedures for the management of a patient with a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) within the NSW state biocontainment facilities. 

                                                     HER TOPIC INCLUDED:

                                                      • Guiding principles of infection prevention and control for community care in the context of COVID-19
                                                      • What, when and why of PPE use for community care
                                                      • Clients and mask use
                                                      • The challenges of residential care during COVID-19

                                                    I breathe in, I breathe out, or do I?

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/Rui_Vj_9VQY

                                                    Linda Grady’s current position within Southern District Health Board is that of Clinical Nurse Specialist for Critical Care. She also a clinical tutor at Otago Medical School for a 2nd and 3rd year class and is a Professional Teaching Fellow for Otago University. She is one of the founding members of the Dunedin hospital Tracheostomy Response Team TRT. Linda believes in the achievement of clinical excellence and advancing expertise, not just within the Critical Care team but throughout the entire organisation. The phenomenon, that the more you learn the more you want to know, is accurate and an absolute for Linda.  She has been successful with post graduate study in the fields of critical care, aeromedical retrieval, advanced health assessment, leadership and management and completed clinical masters in education.

                                                     HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                      • Review of respiration
                                                      • Patient presentations
                                                      • What’s currently common

                                                    In TIME Wounds Will Heal

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/BixjU742rT4

                                                    Emil has an extensive background in wound care, general and vascular surgery, and intensive care. He is currently Wound Care Specialist for the ODHB where he is responsible for the selection and evaluation of wound products and technology. He is an executive member and treasurer of the NZ Wound Care Society.

                                                     HIS TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • The concept of TIME in hard to heal wounds
                                                    • Wound bed preparation
                                                    • Infection/Inflammation
                                                    • Biofilm
                                                    • Debridement options
                                                    • Moisture balance
                                                    • Importance of Wound edge  

                                                    Caring for Complex Older People: Tips, Tricks and Tales from the Trenches

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/-Xsk_gLZcXU

                                                    Dr Michal Boyd is an Associate Professor with the School of Nursing and the Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She practices as a nurse practitioner in long term care, and is co-director of Equinox Health Ltd. Her main research and practice interests are the proactive assessment and care coordination for frail older adults and advanced nursing practice.

                                                     HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE: 

                                                    • Recognising and treating acute deterioration in older people using a team approach
                                                    • How best to help residents in distress: either behaviourally or physically or both
                                                    • Practical tips and tricks to improve communication with residents and families


                                                    Long Term Implications of undiagnosed Heart Disease

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/jKfkO6VImXk

                                                    Dr Raj Nair is an Interventional and Structural Cardiologist located at the Waikato Hospital and Southern Cross Heart Institute. 

                                                    Raj is the Deputy Chair of the Cardiac Intervention and Device Committee at Pharmac and is the Co-Founder of Structural Heart Disease Asia Pacific which aims to bring together all disciplines from the heart team on a unified platform. Additionally, he is on the Organising Committee for the ANZET Meeting focusing on Interventional Cardiology for the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ), along with numerous other leadership roles.

                                                     HIS TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • The status of cardiovascular departments and waiting lists around NZ
                                                    • How should we manage high risk cardiovascular patients post level 4
                                                    • How can we encourage our patients to come back to our clinics and what are the long term consequences to our communities if we can’t.
                                                    • COVID-19 vs. Cardiovascular Disease – what’s the real risk?


                                                    Depression in the Elderly

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/b3ToARA9Pu0

                                                    After Dick graduated from the University of Otago he completed six Resident Medical Officer years in Auckland before going to the United Kingdom for advanced training.  Since 1982 he has worked as a Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine in Christchurch in dual University/Hospital appointments.  He has a particular interest in student teaching and has served a period as Trainee Intern Co-ordinator.  He has also been involved in the examination, mentoring and supervision of international medical graduates.

                                                    Other interests include music and reading.  He is interested in Older People in Literature and completed his MA thesis on ‘Older People and Ageing in the fiction of Thomas Hardy.

                                                    He was President of the NZGS between 2002 and 2005.

                                                    HIS TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • Prevalence and myths
                                                    • Risk factors and rating scales
                                                    • Treatment and management
                                                    • Ethical issues in depression


                                                    Increased Risk Factors associated with Obesity re. COVID-19

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/JALPOBlO7x0

                                                    Kate has over thirty years nursing experience in a variety of roles and specialties However for the last 13 years she has been working as a Bariatric Nurse Specialist.

                                                    Her initial role at CMH evolved out of the “Let’s Beat Diabetes” initiative in 2007, which was developed to assess bariatric surgery’s impact on diabetes and chronic disease. However as the role and scope expanded, so too did her knowledge and depth of the complexities related to weight management. She came to see that obesity is not the choice it is presumed to be and that outcomes evaluated by external measures of weight frequently resulted in poorer mental health.

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • An overview of obesity physiology 
                                                    • Why there is increased risk
                                                    • The psychological impact for those living with obesity
                                                    • How to create a therapeutic relationship with those at risk


                                                    COVID-19 Update

                                                    Watch Now: https://youtu.be/TDpdtPZvJ9o

                                                    Ben registered as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in 1978. Since then he has had an extensive career in the Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory field. In 1996, he Co-founded and was the Director of EnviroLink Laboratory Ltd (NZ food and water testing laboratory – microbiology). He has numerous publications on mycology, respiratory and urinary microbiology.

                                                    HIS TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • The New Zealand approach to COVID-19 in comparison to other countries
                                                    • Hindsight of what the pros and cons are for each approach including vaccination progress, treatment progress, case definition pitfalls, testing pitfalls, etc
                                                    • What has worked well to date, unexpected consequences, etc
                                                    • Where to now including exit strategies

                                                    Management of Diabetes

                                                    Watch Now – https://youtu.be/E3pyN4FSKzA

                                                    Miranda is a Registered Nurse, and has specialised over the last two decades in diabetes and renal nursing, working in clinical, education, and quality improvement.  Her research interest and passion lie in the early detection and treatment of diabetic kidney disease in the primary care setting, and believes empowering people towards effective self-management, and modernising out-dated healthcare models are crucial for tackling the alarming rise in long term health conditions

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • Aetiologies, differences and similarities between types of diabetes
                                                    • Prevalence and risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes
                                                    • Complications of type 2 diabetes and their impact on people and our community
                                                    • Strategies for prevention
                                                    • Management of type 2 diabetes – it’s not as simple as it sounds

                                                    Skin Cancer

                                                    Watch Now – https://youtu.be/x5uabNDTIB0 

                                                    Chelsea Langman is a Registered Nurse, she has 16-years of experience as a specialist skin cancer nurse and dermoscopist.  Chelsea is passionate about raising awareness of skin cancer through prevention and early detection, she utilises the latest in artificial intelligence and technology to assist her.  Chelsea started her business Skin Aware 18 months ago, helping workplaces to implement UV awareness and screening programmes through education and screening clinics.  Chelsea also trains and educates registered nurses around skin cancer and has an interest in the use of technology to assist in healthcare.   

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • skin cancer facts and figures in NZ 
                                                    • contributing factors to rates of skin cancer in NZ
                                                    • non-modifiable risk factors
                                                    • importance of early detection and early intervention
                                                    • benign lesions
                                                    • types of skin cancers and how to assess a skin lesion
                                                    • current treatment options for skin cancer
                                                    • screening options for patients
                                                    • tools available to assist primary healthcare
                                                    • education and prevention

                                                    Cardiovascular Disease & COVID-19

                                                    Watch Now – https://youtu.be/V03lm34qp2Y

                                                    Murray is Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in cardiology at Christchurch Hospital. This role encompasses a coronary care unit, cardiology ward, and the Cardiac Cath Lab. In additional to his CNS role he is the Coordinator for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedures at Christchurch Hospital. His background experience within cardiology includes Cardiac Cath. Lab, nurse educator, and cardiology research. He is passionate about teaching nurses and growing their professional development.

                                                    HIS TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • Cardiovascular Disease and COVID-19 – what we know
                                                    • Cardiovascular risk factors and gender differences
                                                    • Ischaemic heart disease in women
                                                    • COVID-19 Lockdown – where have all the heart attacks gone?
                                                    • The link between lung disease and heart failure
                                                    • The link between female cardiovascular comorbidity and heart failure
                                                    • Pregnancy complications and cardiovascular risk
                                                    • Hypertension & pregnancy as risk factors for females experiencing spontaneous coronary artery dissection

                                                    Enhancing Personal Resilience to Decrease Compassion Fatigue and Potential Burnout

                                                    Watch Now – https://youtu.be/J0x6a8xfIoA

                                                    Dr Michal Boyd is an Associate Professor with the School of Nursing and the Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She practices as a nurse practitioner in long term care, and is co-director of Equinox Health Ltd. Her main research and practice interests are the proactive assessment and care coordination for frail older adults and advanced nursing practice.

                                                    Dr Boyd is currently national clinical lead for the New Zealand Health Quality and Safety Commission Aged Residential Care workstream. She is also a member of the Te Arai Palliative Care and End of Life Research group and involved in researching new models of primary healthcare for older people, as well as quality improvement initiatives and end of life care in long-term care facilities.

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • The difference between compassion fatigue & burn out.
                                                    • Tools to recognise personal risk factors for compassion fatigue and burn out.
                                                    • Discuss ways to increase resilience to decrease the risk of compassion fatigue and burnout

                                                    COVID-19 and Infection Prevention and Control Measures

                                                    Watch Now – https://youtu.be/l7WEpEZdD30

                                                    Ruth Barratt: Independent IPC and quality advisor, Clinical Nurse Consultant IPC Biopreparedness, Westmead Hospital, Sydney

                                                    Ruth Barratt is a registered nurse, quality advisor and researcher. She holds a Masters in Infection Prevention and Control and is credentialed at expert level through the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control. Ruth’s current role is the development and implementation of infection prevention and control protocols and procedures for the management of a patient with a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) within the NSW state biocontainment facilities. 

                                                    HER TOPIC WILL INCLUDE:

                                                    • The principles of IPC in preventing transmission of COVID-19
                                                    • Breaking the chain of COVID-19 infection
                                                    • How to implement isolation measures
                                                    • Using PPE correctly and safely
                                                    • Education and training staff In safe PPE use

                                                    COVID-19 (Recorded)

                                                     Watch Now – https://youtu.be/Ondpt9z1TAI

                                                    BEN HARRIS – Medical Microbiology Scientist

                                                    Ben registered as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in 1978. Since then he has had an extensive career in the Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory field. In 1996, he Co-founded and was the Director of EnviroLink Laboratory Ltd (NZ food and water testing laboratory – microbiology). He has numerous publications on mycology, respiratory and urinary microbiology.

                                                    His topic will include:
                                                    • Are there more emerging infectious diseases than ever?
                                                    • Where did they come from? Why?
                                                    • What is a R0 value – why is this critical in epidemics?
                                                    • SARS could be isolated – why not COVID-19?
                                                    • Will the COVID-19 case definition detect most cases?
                                                    • How is COVID-19 clinically different from influenza?
                                                    • Is asymptomatic carriage a risk for cross infection?
                                                    • Are masks effective?
                                                    • What is the environmental survival time of COVID-19 ?
                                                    • What are effective disinfection and hygiene products?
                                                    • What is the mortality rate, which age groups and comorbidities have the greatest risk

                                                      Previous Webinars on Request

                                                      Several webinars available to view on request.
                                                      Please email us for links to:

                                                      • Shock: Different Types & Treatment (Linda Grady)
                                                      • Acute Assessment of Paediatrics (Natalie Cowley)


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                                                      Certificates of Attendance for Watching Live

                                                      Mobile Health will issue a certificate of attendance to everyone who watches the webinar live. These certificates will be sent automatically generally towards the end of the week following the webinar. For GPs, we will also upload CME information to the RNZCGP system, providing the GP included their Medical Council information either when registering for the webinar or in the follow-up survey.


                                                      Webinar Summary for Watching Recorded Sessions

                                                      Most webinars are made available on YouTube within 72 hours of the webinar. We are unable to issue certificates of attendance for watching these videos, but on request, we can provide a summary of the material covered. Registered Nurses, GP’s and other health professionals can then usually include this as part of their self-directed learning programmes. Generally, this should include detail of what was watched, and an outline of how did their practice changed and/or improved as a result.


                                                      Attending a Webinar

                                                      Attending a webinar is easy, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

                                                      1. Sign up to receive newsletter updates
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                                                      3. Watch out for advertised webinars
                                                      4. Click on the registration link
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                                                      6. You will receive an email link for the webinar.
                                                      7. Just prior to the webinar click on the link
                                                      8. You will be joined to the meeting


                                                      Zoom Webinar Instructions

                                                      We utilise a webinar platform called Zoom. When you watch the webinar the display and controls that you see will vary depending on the type of device you are on. We encourage you to ‘explore’ the various layout options. If at any stage you accidentally disconnect from the webinar you can reconnect using the link you received by email.

                                                      Chat Messages: During the webinar you can post comments and questions using the chat window. Please select Panelists and Attendees if you wish to send your chat message  to everyone.

                                                      Q&A: During the webinar you can post questions using the Q&A window. Whereas the chat messages can easily get lost in a long stream of chat, the Q&A questions be presented to the moderator or presenter to answer. Generally we will allow you to ‘up-vote’ (use the thumbs -up) and comment on other questions.