It can be challenging for rural health prosessionals to access education and training that is relevant for practicing in a rural setting. That’s why we run a regular webinar series designed specifically for rural health professionsals.  The topics are chosen based on requests we receive so if there is a topic you would like, please let us know.

World SEPSIS Day – Korrin Barrett Fri 13th September

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Korrin Barrett – Survivors face lifelong consequences, Korrin Barrett shares her story. Korrin Barrett was a vivacious, fit and healthy 33-year-old, but in 2012 Korrin was rushed into hospital. After mismanagement of a medical condition she was admitted to intensive care with sepsis and was given a 5% chance of survival! Nine days later, when Korrin miraculously awoke from the coma, she received the devastating news that to save her life, both her legs and hands would have to be amputated. Korrin will share her inspirational story with Dr Paul Huggan. Paul will highlight for both clinicians and the public signs to watch for.

Just ask, could this be sepsis?

Acute Assessment of Paediatrics Wed 18th September

Register Now – https://tinyurl.com/nataliecowley

NATALIE COWLEY – Registered Nurse, BN PGDip Advanced Nursing. Nurse Educator, Children’s Emergency, Starship Child Health

Natalie has worked in Children’s Emergency in Starship Health for 10 years, holding the position as the Nurse Educator since 2016. Natalie has worked within Starship since 2006, previously working as a Staff Nurse on the General Paediatric ward until moving to the ED in 2008. She has completed a post graduate diploma in Advanced Nursing focusing on Child Health and Education.

Her topics will cover:

  • Paediatric differences
  • Structured approach to assessment
  • Common emergency presentations
  • Paediatric essentials
  • Other common paediatric presentations

Other Upcoming Webinars

23rd Oct – Assessment/Examination of the Eye – Register

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