Video Production

Mobile Health provides a range of video services to help bridge the gap for individuals and groups separated by distance. Initially there was a focus on broadcasting live surgery for education and peer support, but in recent years video services have evolved to take advantage of the evolution of online video. We film, edit and produce for both live and recorded video, primarily  focusing on health and wellbeing for the rural sector.

Who is Mobile Health?

Video Production for the Health Sector

Video has become an essential tool to capture an audiences attention, and to inform and educate them. Mobile Health works closely with a range of health organisations, using both live and recorded video productions to reach the health professionals in the rural sector. Our goal is to use video to support rural health professionals to overcome challenges of professional isolation

Experience in Health, Knowledge of Rural

Mobile Health has been working with live video since productions since 2002. The health sector has a number of sensitivities, especially when filming patients and surgery, through this experience we have acquired the creative and technical capability required to produce a wide range of video services for the health sector. As a company we have a very clear focus on rural, and have developed a good understanding of what videos will, and wont work for a rural audience.

Live Video Productions

Where immediate audience interaction is required then we will broadcast live. From live surgery to rural health education sessions, we frequently provide single camera and multi-camera productions distributed through private video links, live streaming and/or webinars.

  • Live surgery
  • Live streaming
  • Webinars
  • Conference

Recorded Video Productions

We complete the full range of video productions, from single camera interviews, to multi-camera filming and editing. We are equally happy creating a punchy 30 seconds social media clip, to a 60 minute fully scripted and acted production.

  • Interviews
  • Conference presentations
  • Training  & education videos
  • Intros & promotional videos

Portfolio of our Work

Please see our LIVE Video Samples and Recorded Video Samples for more detailed information about the creative work we do. Below is a small selection showing of our recent work.

Live Video Production

Live Surgery
Live Streaming

Recorded Video Productions

Conference presentations
Training  & education videos
Intros & promotional videos.

Where We Started – Broadcasting Surgery Live


In the early days of the mobile surgical unit broadcasting live surgery was a integral to the service. The surgical unit was equipped with a wide range of broadcast equipment including ceiling mounted cameras, wireless microphones, and large video screens. Remote participants such as other surgeons could control the on-board cameras to view the theatre and surgery, and they could discuss the procedure being undertaken. 

As the surgical unit moved to focus on more routine operations in rural New Zealand, the video service was expanded to broadcast live surgery from throughout the world. New Zealand is very distant to the rest of the world so surgery from countries such as the United States was frequently broadcast back to surgical colleagues in New Zealand.

An early demonstration in 2002 saw a Brisbane surgeon in Australia acting as a ‘virtual’ assistant to Christchurch colleagues in New Zealand during a Laparoscopic nephrectomy, which is the removal of a kidney.

Live Surgery



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