Live Video Production

Live Video Production

Where immediate audience interaction is required then we will broadcast live. From live surgery to rural health education sessions, we frequently provide single camera and multi-camera productions distributed through private video links, live streaming and/or webinars. We use a range of video switching and mixing equipment to produce professional live productions.

Live Video Cross

Mobile Health has 15 years experience in broadcasting live video from health facilities including operating theatres. Broadcasts from both the mobile surgical unit and tertiary hospitals are transmitted over secure private networks.

Live Streaming

Broadcasting  live can engage an audience, questions and comments can be addressed and answered live as part of the presentation. We frequently broadcast on private health networks for a closed audience.  If content is less sensitive we can live stream on any platform including YouTube and Facebook.


Webinars are extremely good for education and training especially for rural and remote audiences where travel can be a big barrier. We have produced webinars with attendees as far north as Hokianga, and as far south as Stewart Island. 

Multi-Camera Filming

Video productions require fast and crisp camera switching. We use multiple cameras and video switching units to capture a number of shots such as wide angle and close up.

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