In late May, 10 staff members from the Mobile Health Group Christchurch office braved the cold weather in Heathcote to plant five native species in the Red Zone area.

The task turned out to be much tougher than anticipated, as we found ourselves digging up concrete, such as remnants of house foundations, pathways and pipes! Despite the challenges, we managed to plant a substantial number of native plants before the rain set in.

This was an excellent way for the team to bond as a team while doing something impactful for the environment! Great work team!

Thank you to our hosts Christchurch City Council and Trees For Canterbury for supplying the plants.

(Pictured above: The Christchurch office team including a couple of locals who got stuck in!)

(Pictured below: The team prepare the ground by skimming off surface vegetation, digging holes, planting the various native plants and adding weed mat and bark to ensure they have a good survival rate)