Once a year the clinical staff come together for one week at the Christchurch office for an annual meeting. It was a full week of staff education, training, wellbeing, networking and is completely dedicated and focussed on the staff’s professional development.

This month, the team completed clinical training, including CPR and airway management, process improvement, de-escalation and communication, strategic planning, and a fire training session as part of their education requirements. Mathew Stent, fire equipment tech/ fire trailer trainer from Wormald, explained the six fire extinguisher types and in what situation they are used.

“We had a hands-on lesson on how to use the fire extinguisher with a mobile simulator. It covers the fire triangle: fuel, heat and oxygen – components necessary for a fire to start and a reminder of how quickly a fire takes hold,” Liz Grant, clinical nurse manager, says.

By participating in this hands-on training, the staff reinforced their commitment to patient safety and wellbeing, even beyond the confines of the surgical unit.

Pictured above: One of the clinical team staff extinguishing a fire in the mobile simulator trailer with guidance from Mathew Stent (left in photo). The trailer was parked outside the Mobile Health/Mobile Medical Technology Christchurch office.

Pictured above: The clinical staff team. Back row left to right: Liz Grant, clinical nurse manager; Bev Larsen, anaesthetic technician; Vicky Copland, enrolled nurse; Chris Heath, anaesthetic technician; Stacey Lovell, registered nurse; Anne Shirtliff, clinical nurse leader; Nic Campbell, registered nurse; Kasha Laverick, clinical nurse leader; Tracey Doyle, clinical nurse leader; Jenny Donald, clinical nurse leader. Middle row left to right: Sue Nilson, anaesthetic technician; Wendy Lorentz, registered nurse; Keeley Lawson, anaesthetic technician; Jason Irwin, registered nurse; Karenza Heath, clinical nurse leader. Bottom row: Diana Korach, anaesthetic technician.