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    In September New Zealanders will vote on whether the End of Life Choice (EOLC) Act should come into force in a binding referendum. If more than 50% of voters choose YES, this will mean some significant changes occur in the New Zealand health system to allow some New Zealanders with terminal illness an option of assisted dying.

    Panellists includes:

    • Adam Holloway: Partner, Wotton + Kearney, MPS Lawyer
    • Dr Jack Havill: Retired Intensive Care Medicine Specialist, ex Director of Waikato ICU, ex President of EOLC Society
    • Dr Sinead Donnelly: Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine Physician, Associate Professor of Palliative Medicine
    • Hector Matthews: Executive Director, Maori & Pacific Health, Canterbury DHB
    • Dr Ate Moala: Public Health Medicine Specialist
    • Caralise Trayes: Journalist and author of The Final Choice – End of Life Suffering – Is Assisted Dying the Answer? (Pre-recorded)


    During the webinar not all questions were able to be answered by the panellists. Click here to view the answers to some of those questions, with thanks to Adam Holloway, a partner at Wotton & Kearney Lawyers.


    Below are links to some of the information provided during the webinar, with additions aiming to cover some questions raised, and provide some voice to opinions not covered.

    Caralise Trayes videos:


    Understanding the argument FOR the EOLC Act

    Understanding the argument AGAINST the EOLC Act

    Other information


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