Meet Chris Heath (pictured above: Chris stands with his 10,000th patient in Whangarei in early May), one of our anaesthetic technicians who has dedicated his career to providing high quality care onboard the mobile surgical unit.

Since 2002, he has served as a skilled and compassionate member of the clinical team, ensuring the safety and comfort of more than 10,000 patients undergoing various surgical procedures.

Beyond his technical prowess, Chris possesses a remarkable ability to calm nervous patients, reassuring them with his kind words and gentle demeanour. Many patients have shared heartfelt stories of how Chris’s presence and expertise made their surgical experience less intimidating and more manageable.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Chris for his remarkable achievement, and his invaluable contribution to our service.

“It is my passion to take care of patients during their time of greatest need while feeling so vulnerable. It is my greatest privilege and my duty to do so.

“Mobile Health has allowed me to flourish both professionally and as an individual. Given my time over again I would change nothing. My environment and role is all about the people I work with and the patients we collectively care for,” Chris says.

“I am truly amazed by Chris’s extensive involvement, encompassing nearly a third of all our patients. His unwavering passion for treating individuals in their local communities continues to inspire us all. Every patient fortunate enough to cross paths with Chris experiences the genuine care and empathy he exudes. Furthermore, his exceptional teaching skills shine through as he actively engages with the students on our unit, fostering a nurturing learning environment. Chris’s dedication and mentorship make him an invaluable asset to our team,” Mark Eager, chief executive, Mobile Health, says.