Rewind to 2005, Mobile Health started the Continuous Professional Development programme – a range of education sessions designed to upskill and support health professionals living and working in rural New Zealand. The topic of the first ever study session was on… wait for it… pandemics, and was presented by Ben Harris, Medical Microbiology Scientist (who is still one of our presenters today!). Thank you to all our presenters who have been with us from the start, as well as the many more who have joined over the years to help us bring real value to rural communities. Here are a few photos from our first education session 15 years ago, which we hope you will enjoy!

Our first webinar of 2021 is Ben Harris with a COVID-19 update, which focusses on the virus and the wider dynamics of causation, societal/political implications and learnings. The webinar will be on Wednesday 10 February 7-8pm.