Graduate Certificate

Core Concepts in Perianaesthesia Nursing







Learning Hours:


This course is delivered fully online but nurses must be working in a perioperative or ICU environment. Students must also have a minimum of six months post registration experience as a perioperative nurse.

GCPN701 Registered Nurse (level 7),
                     Enrolled Nurse (Level 5)

Enrolment Date:  Open Now
Course date: 17th February 2020 – 1st May 2020

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To enable Registered Nurses working in the perianaesthesia environment to further develop their professional and nursing knowledge in the anaesthetic nursing care of adult patients that promotes safe and critical thinking in the planning and delivery of care.

To promote the use of reflective practice in developing expertise in care delivery.

To review the evidence underpinning perianaesthesia nursing and evaluate the implications for current and future practice.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course the Registered Nurse will be able to

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of normal physiological parameters and the physiological responses associated by the giving of anaesthesia.
  2. Utilise an assessment framework to assess patient’s health status prior to anaesthesia.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of applied pharmacology related to anaesthesia.
  4. Examine the professional, legal and ethical responsibilities of the evolving role of the anaesthetic nurse.
  5. Utilise an approach to care that reflects the knowledge and skills required to deliver effective communication with the patient/client and members of the health care team (perioperative and wider).
  6. Critically evaluate literature and evidence regarding best practice in perianaesthesia nursing.

Indicative Curriculum

  • Principles of Anaesthesia
  • Pharmacology related to anaesthesia
  • Physiological responses to anaesthesia
  • Nursing assessment – data interpretation and clinical decision making
  • Identifying patient at risk
  • Management of patients with high co-morbidities: morbid obese patients, older adult
  • Medico-legal implications

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